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About us - SKT Schrupp GmbH

SKT Schrupp GmbH is an owner managed, mediumsized
enterprise in the Westerwald, an economic
region with strong structures and traditional plastics
engineering industry.
Established as a fitting factory in the 30s, the name
„Schrupp“ is also known in the plastics engineering
industry as a long-time experienced manufacturer.
The graphic above shows a catalogue of the 50s shows
PVC machine elements of the chemical industry.
In the new production plant in Nisterberg, SKT Schrupp
GmbH invested in a state-of-the-art production cell
in the area of plastic injection molding.
The two managing directors Rainer Schmidt and
Frank Wirdeier are pleased to see the result of a product
from fully automatic production with robotic removal
from the injection molding tool.
The two managing directors were very optimistic,
"Thus, we are well prepared for the future in order to
be competitive in the market".

Customers quality requirements being always their
fitted with the most efficient and latest technologies.
Today, our premises include a 3,000 m production area,
number one priority, SKT Schrupp GmbH decided
in 2009 to introduce a quality standard acc. to
ISO 9001, certified by the TÜV Rheinland.

The high demand we set on ourselves is to keep and
realize the requirements and agreements with our
customers; reliability and transparency of production
progresses have always been a part and parcel of our
We are inspired by the possibilities plastic material
processing off ers and are considering the requirements
of our customers as our challenge. For us, the basis for a
good cooperation is to determinate precisely the scope
of supply and service as well as a mutual communication.