Demister Typ DA

Wire mesh Typ DA

The drops, created by distribution of liquids don´t have to be carries out together with the gas flow. Demister and aerosol collection systems have a wide range of applications, i.e in order to keep material consumption as low as possible, to protect following processes against harmful media or for pollution control reasons.


For primarily horizontal installation and at high separation effciency.


The demister consists of closed meshed plastic knit fabrics, available in different structures and packing heights. Combined with profile packages and/or as combination of different package plies, the demister can be constructed for maximum separation efficiency.


Inside a closed meshed plastic knit fabric, fine drops agglomerate to larger drops that drain downwards.


Data sheet

Datenblatt Lüftungsklappe - aufblasbare Dichtung DN 400-2000Data sheet


Standard Design up to DN 1000

Drawing: Wire mesh Typ DA up to DN 1000 Zeichnung: Demister Typ DA bis DN 1000


Standard Design > DN 1000

Drawing: Wire mesh Typ DA > DN 1000 Zeichnung: Demister Typ DA >DN 1000




PP 0°C bis 100°C
PE -20°C bis 60°C
PVC 0°C bis 60°C
PVC-C -20°C bis 80°C
PVDF -20°C bis 120°C
ECTFE -20°C bis 150°C

Special design as bolted construction


PTFE -50°C bis 250°C