Duct Cover Type GLS-C (Plastic)

Duct Cover Type GLS-C (Plastic)

Stability and resistance in  noncorrosive quality

The duct covers are used for all applications with aggressive media that may cause corrosion and, due to the excellent chemical resistance of the material, the are suitable to applications that normally require gratings made of stainless steel.

Easy assembly and cutting with commercial tools.

Material: Polymer on PP-base, reinforced with chemically bonded fiberglass, in dark grey.

Other colors and versions are available on demand, acc. to fire classification UL 94 V0.

The gratings characterized by their excellent impact resistance at low temperature and good stability at high temperature.

Slide-blocking classification R11 / V10 acc. to DIN 51130, tested by the Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV).

More particular characteristics are: high stability with low weight, easy to weld and maintenance-free

Data sheet

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Dimensions 800 x 505 x 62 mm
Carrying capacity 450 kg/m²
Grating pitch 35,3 x 46,6 mm
Web width 6 mm
Surface condition R 11 / V 10
Weight 5,3 kg / 7,1 kg
Ambient temperature -10°C bis +60°C
Max. deformation 0,0025 mm
Material PP/GFK
Standard color Dunkelgrau / dark grey