SKT Imagebroschüre 2018

3 Systemlösungen für die Industrie System solution for industry Industrie- und Spezialaramturen aus Kunststoff plastic industrial valves 2013 langlebig korrosionsfrei säurefest long-lived noncorrosive acid-resistant SKT Schrupp GmbH supplies a wide range of standard and custom-made fittings for the industry. One focus is the Chemical Industry as well as providers and disposal companies. Our business activities range from standard to optimize our customer‘s processes and to save the resources of our planet. modes of drives made from PVC up to DN 400 made from PP up to DN 1200 made from PVDF up to DN 400 Operating pressure 0,1 bar over- or under pressure made from PVC, PP, PVDF or PVC/GFK, PP/GFK, PVDF/GFK from PPs, PP el. etc. DN 15 up to DN 50 Dirt traps also available in transparency version Inclined Seat Valves large dimensions from DN 65 up to DN 500 as welded construction acc. to our catalogue or to customers requirements Inspection glasses from DN 65 up to DN 250 resp. Inspection glasses from DN 25 up to DN 150 Industry- and Special Plastics Fittings fittings up to custom-made products. Our objective is from DN 50 up to 350 solid flange from DN 400 up to DN 2000 double flange Inclined Seat Fittings, Dirt Traps, Non-Return Valves, Manual Shut-O Valves injection moulded by PVC, PP, PVDF with sealing EPDM, FPM with bushings, connection pieces or flanges Pot strainers, Suction lters and 9